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23 March 2019


23 September 2019




Before starting the project, the OvB System® was a school management system with no organic visibility and no ads. This was actually a big deficiency for OvB because they couldn't catch potential customers from thousands of calls. At the same time, the internet sites were not mobile compatible and did not have any on-page SEO work. Therefore, the aim was to renew the web interfaces and increase the visitor and phone call + form filling process with SEO + Google Ads.


  • Their website was not mobile friendly and did not have any SEO tweaks.
  • Ovb.systems was used as the domain name, it was stated that this would cause difficulties for the visitor and it was suggested to switch to .com, a TLD extension.
  • There were no organic visitors.
  • There was no content.
  • Google Ads was not used.


After a 1-week of web design process, a mobile-compatible, on-page SEO optimized website was established. The SEO process would be quite challenging since the transition to a new domain was made. It took some time for the things we did for SEO to take effect, especially because it coincided with the EAT algorithm update.

Since the web design of OvB was made by CORAZU, Technical SEO adjustments were also applied while designing. For SEO process of the OvB, branding and backlink studies were emphasized. It was also strengthened with the content marketing strategies.

Google Ads started to be used to distribute content and to accelerate finding potential customers. Landing Page was prepared and it was aimed to collect leads with a contact form.

The following statistics were obtained after the studies.

  • Average monthly increase of organic visitors -> 1300%,
  • Average rate of organic page views per month -> 920%,
  • 6-month return on investment (ROI) rate -> 180%